tracks your anchorage.


How does it work?

At the beginning of the anchorage maneuver get a GPS fix for the anchor point. At the end of the maneuver, when the anchor is fully pulled, get a GPS fix from the stern. AnchorApp uses the GPS fixes to calculate the circular region within which your boat is safe. If your boat crosses the region boundaries AnchorApp warns you by means of an audible alert.


Anchor and stern points

Here you can fix the anchor and the stern points, check their coordinates, start region monitoring or reset the GPS coordinates.




Here you can monitor the distance between your boat stern and the anchor. AnchorApp tells you the accuracy of the GPS signal. Here you can stop the monitoring.
After the monitoring phase anchor and stern points remain in memory thus allowing to re-start monitoring. It is also possible to recalibrate the stern point.



AnchorApp allows you to set the measurement units. AnchorApp can also work in the background. If this setting is active, AnchorApp continues to use the GPS even if it is not the foreground application, or if the phone is sleeping. All warnings will appear as notifications.