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Neat and versatile Every clip you copy is represented by a tile.
Any content is recognizable at a glance.
Identify and classify Copia displays your clips in an elegant way and
reveals the related information with grace.
Responsive, always Copia interface is designed to be at your side
without being intrusive. Content previews
are flexible and dynamically sized.
Copia loves your data Plain text, RTF, RTFD, images, colors, files, links,
all presented in a consistent and recognizable
way. Paste and Share are just a click away.
Sharp and minimal Copia shows you what you need to see to and
gets you to the right content lightning fast.
Please the eye Copia creates beautiful, elegant and compact
previews of your content so that navigating the
user interface will always be a pleasure.
Quick and dirty? The latest copied clips are also always
from a compact customized
Quick List.
“You are standing at the end of a
road before

a clipboard manager.

Around you is a
desktop. There is a
⌘-C on the ground.”
Copia is always at your chosen side. No big windows or weird panels, a vertical searchable list with elegant and compact previews.
Copia does not invade your desktop, it plays nicely with it.
Copia is always at
your favourite side.
No big windows or wierd panels, a vertical
searchable list with elegant and compact
previews. Copia does not cover your desktop, it
plays nice with it.
Copia is attentive to features
Protect and browse your favorites
Copia is built for macOS Sierra
and is Touch Bar compatible.
Rename the title of your clips with
just a click.
Filter and exclude contents that you
don’t care about or don’t need.
Light theme for the 9-to-5 heroes,
dark theme for the night lovers.
Protect your sensible data from
being recorded.
Customize every aspect of Copia
to meet your high standards.
Find the clip you are looking for with
our instant search.
Power at your fingertips Copia features and user interface have several shortcuts to improve your efficency.
Search, browse, select and paste before you can say “Copia” 3x fast.
Show Main Window
Scroll to top
Pause / restart tracking
Scroll to bottom
Trigger main action
Scroll to selected item
Close window
Push item to clipboard
Delete selected item
Paste in active window
Enable search
Add / remove favourites
Pricing Model
After the public beta, Copia will be released on
the Mac App Store as a free download.

To help the future development of the app
some features will then be available through an

In-App purchase.
Let’s keep in touch! If you need any further information about Copia or want to give us feedback, we have a couple of ways to keep in touch.
If you like Copia, please let us know. If you don't, please take the
time to tell us why. It will help us to make it a better product.
“We tried so many different
managers that we ended
up making our own”