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Be more productive!

With Tomatoes you can organize your tasks, improve your efficiency and make your time more productive.

The Pomodoro Technique®

Inspired by The Pomodoro Technique®, Tomatoes allows you to split your tasks into activities, providing as many units of time as necessary for their realization.

Customize your workflow

Use tags and search functions to organize your personal workflow.

Fast, handy and simple

Tomatoes' user interface is simple, minimal and intuitive. You do not have to learn anything. Be more productive from the very first moment.

Group them all, rule them all!

The activities are organized into groups to keep them always under control. You can use a generic timer or associate an activity with it. Tomatoes will automatically keep track of the used units.


Create your reminder from your favourite device and easily create your new activities from them. These reminders can be shown in Tomatoes, where you can easily import them. Choose whether to import the reminders leaving them intact, or deleting them after import.

Customize your Tomatoes

Tomatoes is easy to use out of the box, but it can be tailored in every aspect to fit your needs. Choose the duration of your timer and of your breaks, set whether to autocomplete your activities, manage your tags and much more.

Sounds good

A complete set of sounds will help you achieve a more effective control of your activities and of your time.

Tomatoes is also available for the Mac.

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